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31 Day Self Love Challenge

Can you commit one month to total self-love and self-acceptance? A 31-day detox from negative self-talk and discouragement? Can you commit to making your happiness a priority for the 31 consecutive days?

I think you can. I hope you do.

This challenge is for you if you…

  • Are sick and tired of being your own worst critic and enemy
  • Want to live a more positive, optimistic lifestyle, but keeps falling into old patterns
  • Find yourself agreeing with all the self-acceptance quotes you see on facebook and Pinterest, saying, “yea, I really need to do that”.
  • Like the idea of going on an inner-critic detox.
  • Want daily encouragement, reminders and affirmations to help you stay aligned with loving yourself
  • Want the daily support of a like-minded community of people
  • Have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain (this is everyone, by the way!)

What is it exactly??

The 31 Day Total Self Love Challenge is an opportunity for you to step up and proactively start changing the negative self talk and habitual criticism so many of us face on a daily basis.  It is an opportunity to commit to total self-acceptance and self love for a short period of time and see what happens. You know you want to, so why not give it a chance?

Popular thought states that it takes 21 days to create a habit.  Let’s see if what happens if you give into the notion that you are good enough, lovable and perfect as you are for 31days. 

How It Works:

The commitment is simple:

For 31 daysyou will commit to:

1.     Stop listening to your Inner Critic– The inner critic is the voice you hear that tells you all the negative and judgmental stuff you believe about yourself.

2.     Agree to intentionally embrace positive ideas or beliefs about yourself.

3.     Avoid negative judgment and criticism of others around you - You get what you give, so this helps with loving and accepting yourself

4.     Be aware of and forgiving of yourself if you don’t do steps 1-3 perfectly and start again tomorro

Sign up by joining my mailing list below and you will receive and email with a link to a private facebook group created exclusively for the participants of this challenge – and that is where the action is going to take place.

Then, during once the challenge starts,  all you have to do is embrace the commitment, make a daily effort to love yourself, and check your email, and the facebook group once a day to check in and realign. Self-Love In The Digital Age!

It’s simple and easy. Join Us!!

As part of this group, you will find:

  • Accountability – We will be there daily reminding you of your commitment to self-love!
  • Connection – There is power in knowing you aren’t in it alone.
  • Support – A private forum to connect and share
  • Community  - Be part of a group of people committed to self-love and acceptance…how cool is that?

In addition:

  • Daily Self Love Affirmations and Mantras
  • Daily Inspirational Images, Quotes and Posts created specifically for the 31-Day Self Love Challenge and specifically to help keep you connected to your goals of self-acceptance.

Cost: FREE – because you are priceless.  Self-love is something we can all embrace, right now. 

Are you in?

Join Us For This Free Challenge Today!