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Self-Love - How Embracing Self-Acceptance Can Impact the World

Becca Clegg

Self-love isn’t something we figure out.  It isn’t something we learn how to do and cross it off our list.  It’s a practice. A commitment. It is something we work on daily as we would a relationship with another person.  It is a decision we make every morning when we wake up.

Once we make that decision, however, it creates a ripple effect that goes much further than just the obvious.

Yes, deciding to be kind and compassionate to yourself improves your confidence and self-esteem.  Yes, it makes your outlook more positive.  And yes, it drastically improves your life.  But there are other things that happen when we commit to loving and accepting ourselves.  Consider this:

  1. It eases the resistance and suffering that come with disapproving of who we are.  When we are free of this conflict, we are free to be our best selves, and this world desperately needs the influence of its women.
  2. When you are a happier person, you spread that happiness out into the world.
  3. When you are accepting of yourself, you unconsciously give others permission to be accepting of themselves.
  4. When you refuse to give into the critical and judgmental attitudes in our culture, you diffuse the power that they have.  When many of us do this, it changes the cultural norm…but it has to start with the individual.  You could be the one person who tips the scales.  Someone has to be.
  5. We pass our beliefs and our behaviors on to our children and those people in our lives who look up to us.  When we embrace self-love, we teach it to others.

So, your decision to love yourself – to embrace kindness and compassion and forgiveness – not only changes your life, but it impacts humanity.  The ripple effect goes far beyond that which you will ever witness.  It’s a win-win, with no negative side effects, and very little risk. 

So, are you ready to embrace self-acceptance?  What are you waiting for?