Being an Embodied Woman

If summarized, it is fair to say that in some way, I’ve spent my career helping people heal wounds. I have tried, if possible, to help them create an understanding of themselves that revolves around empathy, compassion and inclusivity of every aspect of who they are....

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The Marriage of the Soul + Self

This post could otherwise be titled "We All Need Some Couple's Counseling"... I was talking with a client this week, and I asked her, “how would you describe your relationship with yourself?’ She paused, and after some reflection, responded, “I never really thought...

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Living as a Mermaid

I have always loved the image of the Mermaid (also called sirens). Maybe that is because I’m slightly obsessed with anything related to the ocean. Or maybe it’s because her archetype reminds me of the duality of the feminine spirit – whimsical and playful while...

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Feeding Your Soul

I am writing this as I watch the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains. Needless to say, I am in awe of what I am surrounded by. I'm taking a long overdue and much needed vacation, and practicing what I preach. You know, the self love and self care stuff. Like milk, it...

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