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The Life Beyond The Diet 12 Step Mindset Mastery Coaching Program:

This is a 1-on-1 coaching experience designed to help you dive deep and create the lasting foundation necessary to change your relationship with food and body image for good.

Stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Stop the obsession with food. Reclaim your life, your happiness, and your connection to yourself. It is possible to free your mind, and love your body.

It is possible to end the war with food and feel in control.

It is possible to feel at peace with yourself, with food, and with your body.

This dynamic program is designed to help you make the mindset shifts and other fundamental changes necessary for creating this lasting change.

How does coaching differ from therapy and how do I know which service I should utilize?

There are actually quite a few differences that you should keep in mind when thinking about what will be most supportive for you. To put it simply, coaching is oriented towards the present and future and focuses primarily on how to change your behavior moving forward. Therapy spends more time exploring the past and seeking answers as to why things are happening in your life.

Coaching is proactive, so there will always be invitations to take action on your realizations and insights. Often in therapy, the process is less linear and more introspective and explorative.

My coaching programs are designed to follow specific templates that walk you through a formatted exploration and change process that I designed based on what I have seen work with countless clients. They are designed for people who have figured out why they are struggling and are ready for action and change.

When considering coaching, it’s best to have already done some inner work on yourself so that you can bring that awareness to your coaching sessions. The more you understand yourself, the more you’ll be able to listen to what’s true for you and take action in the outside world.

This program is not intended for anyone who is active in an eating disorder, as it is best to work closely with a therapist while you work your way into recovery.  This program would be ideal for anyone with at least 6 months of recovery who is desiring to deepen their experience and learn more about mastering their negative mindsets and healing their relationship with food.

My role as a therapist and a coach is very different, and I am very careful to keep them separate. During our initial consultation, we will clearly define how we want to work together and what will be most helpful for you in order to bring about the changes you are looking for.

Currently, I only provide coaching services remotely, using phone or webcam technology and email as our form of communication. If you are in Atlanta, I offer therapy in person at my office. I also offer distance counseling and therapy services using phone or webcam.

Ready to Get Started? Call me today (404-295-1359) or email me to set up an introductory call.