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This is your invitation to join a private facebook group I’ve created for like-minded women to connect and collaborate. It’s my virtual Women’s Wisdom Circle.

I truly want to have a place to TALK to one another; really talk, and listen, and open up to the support and power of community and connection. But this isn’t going to happen on a facebook business page, as the changes in the algorithms have made it so that 3%-5% of people who follow a page actually see the content being posted. So, this is where the private group comes in.

This space is private, sacred and safe – moderated by me, and I only allow encouragement and collaboration. Within the feminine realm, there isn’t room for competition, judgement or condemnation. The beauty of embracing the feminine is that it isn’t dichotomous, so there is room for differing opinions and thoughts. This is what makes it beautiful.

And what exactly is a Women’s Circle?

A women’s’ circle is a both ritual and feminine symbolism embodied. In person, It is women gathering together in a circle, which is the symbol of the divine feminine. The circle is non-hierarchical, so each member of the circle holds the same level of power, importance, and inclusion. Women come together to hear, listen to, support and hold space for one another. We come together to learn from each other, to uplift one another as we grow into the women we are becoming – the women we were born to be.

Here, in this virtual women’s circle, we don’t have the ability to create a literal circle, but the power of symbolism and intention allow us to embody the essence of the women’s circle, and continue the tradition of those that have come before us. We will support one another, share resources, and gather with kindred women in a safe place. This is a place for your transformation, a sacred container for you and your dreams.

Your voice matters…

We want to hear from you. I can’t wait to see you in the circle!



Becca Clegg

"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved,
I believe that you must become its soul."

- Coretta Scott King

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